COPR for Xfce - 4.13 (update)

I had written about my COPR earlier [0]. For sometime, I had not been updating it. Now, the COPR is up-to-date again. The COPR xfce-414 can be enabled on Fedora 25+ using the command below - dnf copr enable nonamedotc/xfce-414 Please test and open any issues using the pagure repo - I am aware of some GTK-2 packages (e.g. claws-mail) under Applications menu show up out of place. The best theme to use with Xfce 4.13 is greybird. I recently pushed an updates to the testing repositories of Fedora 26 [1] and 27 [2] that addresses issues with Xfce 4.13. [0]  COPR for Xfce-4.13 packages [1]  Greybird update for Fedora 26 [2]  Greybird update for Fedora 27

COPR for Xfce - 4.13 development packages

Xfce 4.13 is the development version leading to Xfce 4.14. I have setup a COPR repository for Xfce 4.13 packages. This COPR provides packages for Rawhide, Fedora 26 and Fedora 25. Link to COPR - This repo can easily be enabled using dnf as follows -  dnf copr enable nonamedotc/xfce-414 When I had setup a Xfce-4.11 COPR repo in the times past, there was no mechanism for filing bug reports. That is not an issue this time around. To complement the builds in the COPR, I am using pagure for the spec files (so that I can use git). The advantage in using pagure is that any issues that come up can be filed as "issues". Here is the link to pagure Xfce-414 git - Happy testing and please report any bugs using pagure.

gparted 0.28.1

A new version of gparted was released recently and I have updated the Fedora package to the latest version - 0.28.1. This version brings a rather exciting (at least, to me) update - ability to copy and resize already open LUKS filesystems. For full details, see gparted release notes of both 0.28.0 and 0.28.1 0.28.0 - release notes (0.28.0) 0.28.1 - release notes (0.28.1) This update is, at the moment, only pushed for Fedora 25. I will test this and submit an update for EPEL-7 in the next few days. Obligatory screenshots -  

spyder 3 for Fedora

Spyder 3 was released sometime back and the latest version 3.1.0 was released yesterday. I have working on updating Spyder to 3.x for sometime now. Towards this effort, I got the following packages reviewed and included in Fedora -  python-QtPy python-QtAwesome python-flit python-entrypoints python-nbconvert python-entrypoints python-pickleshare In addition to this, the package python-ipykernel had to be reviewed. This was completed sometime towards the end of last year. Now that all the packages are available (in different forms), I have put together a COPR repo where spyder 3.1.0 package resides. I would like to get these packages tested before I submit it as a big update to Fedora 25. COPR repo is here - nonamedotc/spyder3 - COPR repo Of course, this repo can be directly enabled from a terminal - dnf copr enable nonamedotc/spyder3 To install spyder along with ipython console from this repo, do dnf install python{2,3}-{spyder,ipython} N

Beautiful themes for Fedora - Update 2

I promise - this will be the last "update" regarding the themes. I noticed over the weeked that repo generation on the COPR had mysteriously failed (I think). So I rebuilt the packages and now everything should work! Also, I have now built the themes for Fedora 25 (rawhide in COPR) also. Anyone running rawhide can give it a spin. I had some issues building on rawhide before but that does not seem to be a problem anymore. Hope everything works! And, that's it about themes.  P.S. Spyder update coming work begins now.

Beautiful themes for Fedora - update

After my previous post last night, I decided to setup a COPR repo for the themes to facilitate easier installation. Here is the link - GTK3-themes COPR This COPR can be enabled as dnf copr enable nonamedotc/gtk3-themes Packages can be installed as dnf install arc-theme-red-{,gtk2,gtk3,xfwm4,cinnamon,gnome-shell} At the moment, there are four themes built in the COPR - Arc Arc-Red Vertex Adapta Hopefully, at some point, I will submit this for package review.

Beautiful themes for Fedora

Ever since Fedora 24 was released, I have been looking at new themes for use with Xfce that are not completely broken with GTK 3.20. I have tried several themes and since several of them had to be compiled (not copy/paste to ~/.themes), I have packaged those I have tried so far. Here are the links to koji builds -  Arc Arc theme github page Arc theme koji build Arc red Arc Red theme github page Arc Red koji build Adapta Adapta theme github page Adapta theme koji build Please email me if there are any theme requests and/or issues with these packages. Alternatively, leave comments on this page.