Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Beautiful themes for Fedora - Update 2

I promise - this will be the last "update" regarding the themes.

I noticed over the weeked that repo generation on the COPR had mysteriously failed (I think). So I rebuilt the packages and now everything should work!

Also, I have now built the themes for Fedora 25 (rawhide in COPR) also. Anyone running rawhide can give it a spin. I had some issues building on rawhide before but that does not seem to be a problem anymore.

Hope everything works! And, that's it about themes. 

P.S. Spyder update coming work begins now.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Beautiful themes for Fedora - update

After my previous post last night, I decided to setup a COPR repo for the themes to facilitate easier installation.

Here is the link - GTK3-themes COPR

This COPR can be enabled as

dnf copr enable nonamedotc/gtk3-themes

Packages can be installed as

dnf install arc-theme-red-{,gtk2,gtk3,xfwm4,cinnamon,gnome-shell}

At the moment, there are four themes built in the COPR -


Hopefully, at some point, I will submit this for package review.

Beautiful themes for Fedora

Ever since Fedora 24 was released, I have been looking at new themes for use with Xfce that are not completely broken with GTK 3.20. I have tried several themes and since several of them had to be compiled (not copy/paste to ~/.themes), I have packaged those I have tried so far.

Here are the links to koji builds - 


Arc theme github page

Arc theme koji build

Arc red

Arc Red theme github page

Arc Red koji build


Adapta theme github page

Adapta theme koji build

Please email me if there are any theme requests and/or issues with these packages. Alternatively, leave comments on this page.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Reminder to test Xfce 4.12 on EPEL

Final reminder to test xfce 4.12 packages on EPEL.

If you are running RHEL/CentOS/SL, please help test Xfce 4.12 packages. This would necessitate enabling epel-devel repo temporarily.

Details about the update are here - update details

Thanks for testing!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Xfce 4.12 mega update coming to EL-7

This post is repeated from the email I sent out to epel-devel and xfce (@fedora) mailing lists [0].

After a trial run involving a COPR repo [1], I had written earlier indicating that I started doing real builds of Xfce 4.12 packages for EL-7 [2]. This is now complete and I have now submitted a update - a mega update containing 53 packages total.


Three points about the update

  • libxfce4ui obsoletes libxfcegui4 
    • (plugins using libxfcegui4 were never built for EL-7) 
  • xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin obsoletes xfce4-mixer and xfce4-volumed 
    •  (xfce4-volumed is not even in the repos) 
  • xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin uses pavucontrol as sound mixer which is unavailable in EL-7 at the moment. 
I have tested both upgrading a user configured Xfce 4.10 install and by creating a new user. I did not notice any issues so far. Please enable epel-testing repo on a test machine, test these packages and give karma on bodhi. I have set the stable karma to 12. Unless the karma reaches 12, I intend to leave the update in testing for three weeks.

[0] Link to mailing list

[1] link to COPR repo email

[2] Link to "package building" announcement

Friday, March 11, 2016

Web browsers, operating systems and visits to my blog

I was checking my blog settings for forcing https but (effectively) stumbled upon the stats page. I was a bit bored today and so I figured I would write a short (python) script to plot the data.

Considering my blog should more or less get visits solely from fedora planet, my expectations about browser and operating systems distributions among the visits was totally different from what I have hoping to see.

Distribution of browsers


Distribution of operating systems

Of course, browser user agents are not the most reliable pieces of information. Still, this looks interesting - Nice correlation between the OS and browser data - at least as I see it. This was based on >44,000 total visits.


While I am at it, I might as well add the country wide distribution of blog hits.


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Xfdashboard introduces hot-corner plugin

I recently updated xfdashboard in (rawhide and) Fedora 24 to version 0.5.90. Apart from several under the hood changes, xfdashboard 0.5.90 introduces the hot corner plugin.

Screenshot below - 

The activation corner can be set to any of the four corners of the screen while radius of activation was fun to play with. I preferred a slightly bigger radius but that's, of course, a personal preference.

Texmaker available for EL-7

I have (finally) built Texmaker for EL-7. The package should be available in epel-testing repository once it is pushed.

Link to the update - https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-EPEL-2016-fa7cddf9c2

This is built against qt4. Please test and add karma to the update.

python-nmrglue - Python module for processing NMR data

nmrglue is a python module for processing NMR data.

From the upstream website,

nmrglue has the ability to read, write and convert between a number of common NMR file formats including Varian, Bruker, NMRPipe, and Sparky files. The files, which are represented in python as dictionaries of spectral parameters and Numpy array objects, can be easily examined, modified and processed as desired.

nmrglue provides a number of common functions for processing NMR data such as apodization, spectral shifting, Fourier and other transformations, baseline smoothing and flattening, and linear prediction. In addition new processing schemes can be implemented easily using the nmrglue provided functions and the multitude of numerical routines provided by the Numpy and Scipy packages.

When used in conjunction with the matplotlib (or other) python plotting library nmrglue can be used to create publication quality figures of NMR spectrum or examine data interactively.

nmrglue can be used to analysis NMR data, with routines to perform peak picking, multidimensional lineshape fitting (peak fitting), and peak integration. New analysis methods can be rapidly developed and tested in Python or by integrating Fortran and C/C++ code.

This is something I have been using for my own work and so I decided to package it for Fedora. After package review, python-nmrglue is now available for installation in rawhide, Fedora 24, Fedora 23 and EL-7.

For the F24, F23 and EL-7, the package has been submitted to testing. Both python2 and python3 versions are available.

Fedora 23

dnf --enablerepo=updates-testing install {python,python3)-nmrglue

Fedora 24

dnf --enablerepo=updates-testing install {python2,python3)-nmrglue

For EPEL, use yum.


New Package - xfpanel-switch

Xfpanel-switch is a nifty little program that aids in managing multiple panel layouts in Xfce. I came across this application when I checked out xubuntu livecd last week. I have now pacakged this application for Fedora. It is available in rawhide and for Fedora releases 24 and 23.

Here are some screenshots - 

This is my panel configuration (labeled as nonamedotc) - the one I use on a day to day basis

There are three other configurations available for selection in the default setup.

redmond - "windows" like config

gnome-2 - Old gnome like config

xfce-4.12 - This is Fedora default config

For Fedora 24, you can install the package using

dnf install xfpanel-switch --nogpgcheck

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Xfce-4.12 for EL-7

With the update to RHEL - 7.2, GNOME was updated to the next stable version. Along those lines, for Xfce users, I would like to update the Xfce version to Xfce 4.12. However, before I push a mega update, I would like some feedback.

So, I have created a Xfce 4.12 for EPEL-7 repo. If people have some time and have a virtual machine and/or a test system running RHEL-7.2 or CentOS 7.2 or Scientific Linux 7.2, please use the COPR (details below) to install/update to Xfce 4.12 packages.

Here is the link to the COPR - xfce412-epel7 

Here are some screenshots from my Centos VM.


Potential Issues

  • There may be some version issues since I just built the latest Fedora SRPMs. 
  • xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin should obsolete xfce4-mixer. If not, please report to me. 
  • There may be some xfce panel plugins missing. Please report to me by email and I will build whatever is missing.

As a reminder,  these are NOT official packages. Please do NOT use bugzilla for these messages. Please do report any issues to me by email. 

My contact information is here - About page

My GPG key - E5C8BC67

Thursday, January 21, 2016

gparted updated to version 0.25.0

gparted had a new release a couple of days back. This version has a bunch of bug fixes and updates.

Here is the list of changes (quoted directly from the upstream website)

  • Add progress bar during additional ext2/3/4 and ntfs operations
  • Enhance SWRaid member detection  and file system clearing
  • Always use blkid file system before libparted

List of bugfixes and release notes can be found here.

I have built the package for rawhide and F23.

F23 update is here - https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-2016-2a473b7a76

Friday, January 15, 2016

Menda Icon Theme

Manjaro folks use a beautiful icon theme called Menda-Circle in their distribution. The sources are public of course and is distributed under Creative Commons ShareAlike v4.0.

I had packaged the icon theme for my use sometime back and now I am making it available for anyone that wants to use it. The package name is called menda-icon-theme and will appear as Menda Circle

These can be downloaded using the links below.

Here are some screenshots -

Thanks to excellent work by the Manjaro folks.

P.S. Please report any packaging errors to me by email (See contact page). Thanks.