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gparted updated to version 0.25.0

gparted had a new release a couple of days back. This version has a bunch of bug fixes and updates.

Here is the list of changes (quoted directly from the upstream website)

Add progress bar during additional ext2/3/4 and ntfs operationsEnhance SWRaid member detection  and file system clearingAlways use blkid file system before libparted
List of bugfixes and release notes can be found here.

I have built the package for rawhide and F23.

F23 update is here -

Menda Icon Theme

Manjaro folks use a beautiful icon theme called Menda-Circle in their distribution. The sources are public of course and is distributed under Creative Commons ShareAlike v4.0.
Source - menda-icon-theme - Github link
I had packaged the icon theme for my use sometime back and now I am making it available for anyone that wants to use it. The package name is called menda-icon-theme and will appear as Menda Circle
These can be downloaded using the links below.
menda icon theme - source rpm
menda icon theme - binary rpm

Here are some screenshots -

Thanks to excellent work by the Manjaro folks.

P.S. Please report any packaging errors to me by email (See contact page). Thanks.