Fedora Activities

I have not had much time to take care of Fedora stuff over the last one month or so. But, now I have some time again and here are some updates -

  • clustal-omega - This is command line bioinformatics tool to perform multiple sequence alignment. I had this package in review which has now been approved! Nice! :)
  • xfdashboard - Updated to latest upstream package (0.1.91)
  • libxfce4ui - The update to this package fixes a bug where shift modifier did not work when assigning keyboard shortcuts. (bug #1095362)
  • xfce4-mixer - I am in the process of building this package on my COPR Xfce-4.11 repo. If this repo is enabled, expect to see this.
In the coming days, I am also hoping to build a few more packages belonging to Xfce 4.10 for EPEL-7.


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