Xfce4-power-manager 1.3.0

I recently updated xfce4-power-manager to release 1.3.0 on my COPR repo. Here are screenshots from the latest releas, which has had a significant makeover. :)

Tab 1

Tab 2

Tab 3

Tab 4


  1. does it mean we can remove xscreensaver finally?

    1. Good question! I do not know yet ... Did not think about it before.

  2. I just tried on Arch linux with 1.3 git package. The panel "action buttons" doesn't lock the screen either leave alone the dpms.

    I used Xubuntu for few days and I think they are trying to integrate light-locker into the xfce system settings for screensaver. Since xubuntu is maintained by xfce upstream what ever lands on xubuntu is a rough picture of what xfce team might want. I guess you might be interested in packaging for fedora, since you are interested in xfce packages.

    I like xfce but the only thing that keeps me away from using it is the screensaver with vlc is such a PIA.


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