New Package - xfpanel-switch

Xfpanel-switch is a nifty little program that aids in managing multiple panel layouts in Xfce. I came across this application when I checked out xubuntu livecd last week. I have now pacakged this application for Fedora. It is available in rawhide and for Fedora releases 24 and 23.

Here are some screenshots - 

This is my panel configuration (labeled as nonamedotc) - the one I use on a day to day basis

There are three other configurations available for selection in the default setup.

redmond - "windows" like config

gnome-2 - Old gnome like config

xfce-4.12 - This is Fedora default config

For Fedora 24, you can install the package using

dnf install xfpanel-switch --nogpgcheck


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