Beautiful themes for Fedora

Ever since Fedora 24 was released, I have been looking at new themes for use with Xfce that are not completely broken with GTK 3.20. I have tried several themes and since several of them had to be compiled (not copy/paste to ~/.themes), I have packaged those I have tried so far.

Here are the links to koji builds - 


Arc theme github page

Arc theme koji build

Arc red

Arc Red theme github page

Arc Red koji build


Adapta theme github page

Adapta theme koji build

Please email me if there are any theme requests and/or issues with these packages. Alternatively, leave comments on this page.


  1. Could these themes be uploaded to official Fedora repository? Thanks

    1. I will try eventually. I would appreciate wider testing though ...

  2. The Arc theme is packaged for Korora. It is the default theme for 24.

    I've been using the Candra-theme now there is a 3.20 version of it.

    1. I did not know that. Just saw that on github. I would write the package slightly differently. I just created a COPR for all the themes so that people can look at the spec file. I will blog about it today or tomorrow.


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