Xfce 4.10 on EPEL 7

For all those who are testing EL 7 beta -

I have built some Xfce 4.10 packages for testing in EL 7 beta. These packages are available from my COPR repo - Xfce 4.10 for EL 7

Instead of clicking the link the above, add the repo using the details below -

name=Copr repo for xfce410_epel7 owned by nonamedotc

I have not yet tested any of these packages. So, I have no idea if they will work as intended. I will test it myself soon (after I lay my hands on the VM) but for the moment, I would appreciate some testing of these packages.

--  xfconf has been built without the perl bindings. There were too many perl dependencies. Some of the packages I built are still in the repository but, as far as I can tell, they are not needed

-- List of the packages in the repo are below. This is only a starting list. I will try to add more as we go along.
  • Thunar
  • exo
  • garcon
  • libwnck
  • libxfce4ui
  • libxfce4util
  • perl-ExtUtils-Depends
  • perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker
  • perl-ExtUtils-PkgConfig
  • perl-Test-ConsistentVersion
  • perl-Test-Pod-Content
  • xfce4-appfinder
  • xfce4-dev-tools
  • xfce4-panel
  • xfce4-session
  • xfce4-settings
  • xfconf
  • xfdesktop
  • xfwm4

As always, since this is a COPR repo, please report all bugs directly to me. Please do NOTuse bugzilla.

Good luck! :)


  1. Thanks for this. Will Xfce be added to EPEL once EPEL 7 comes out of beta (or before)?

    1. Yes. It will be. Some components are already present in EPEL at this time.


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