Updates to my Xfce 4.11 COPR repository

Three packages have been updated in my Xfce 4.11 COPR repo. I am running Fedora 21 at present and presently do not have a Fedora 20 machine (VM). So, I have not tested these packages on Fedora 20. If you encounter any bugs, please comment or better still send me an email and I will try to get back in touch as early as possible.

The packages that have been updated (with the versions updated to) are

   xfce4-power-manager         1.4.0
   xfce4-settings             4.11.3
   xfdesktop                  4.11.8

As always, please do not report this to bugzilla. Xfce 4.11 packages are not official yet.


  1. Hi Mukundan,
    I changed the SPEC file of libxfce4ui to add the support to gtk+-3.

    Please, Test it and if you want upload it. It is important to create a good xfce4 development environment.. =)

    For example, xfce4-panel with it can supports external plugins with gtk+-3




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