Wallpapers for workspaces

I stumbled upon this yesterday when I was fiddling around with Xfce - I can set different wallpapers for different workspaces! Small feature, yes - but made me very happy! :)

My three workspaces/wallpapers are below -


  1. Nice wallpapers, can you post the source...I want them too :)

    Thanks for posting.

    1. Excellent question! Where did I get this from? Honestly, I do not remember. Most of my wallpapers were downloaded from different wallpaper sites (here and there) and every now and then from Linux Mint and Ubuntu collections.

      I think the second one is from Linux Mint 17. I typically download the tarball and see if I like the wallpapers.

  2. https://interfacelift.com/wallpaper/downloads/date/widescreen/1440x900/


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