spyder 3 for Fedora

Spyder 3 was released sometime back and the latest version 3.1.0 was released yesterday. I have working on updating Spyder to 3.x for sometime now. Towards this effort, I got the following packages reviewed and included in Fedora - 

  1. python-QtPy
  2. python-QtAwesome
  3. python-flit
  4. python-entrypoints
  5. python-nbconvert
  6. python-entrypoints
  7. python-pickleshare

In addition to this, the package python-ipykernel had to be reviewed. This was completed sometime towards the end of last year.

Now that all the packages are available (in different forms), I have put together a COPR repo where spyder 3.1.0 package resides. I would like to get these packages tested before I submit it as a big update to Fedora 25.

COPR repo is here - nonamedotc/spyder3 - COPR repo

Of course, this repo can be directly enabled from a terminal -

dnf copr enable nonamedotc/spyder3

To install spyder along with ipython console from this repo, do

dnf install python{2,3}-{spyder,ipython}

Note: ipython package provided by this repo is version 5.1.0 (since ipykernel needs ipython >= 4.0.0). This will necessitate removing the ipython package provided by the Fedora repo. I have requested an update to ipython already [1].

When spyder3 (python3 version of spyder) is launched, there will be a pop-up complaining that rope is not  installed. This is because we do not yet have a python3 version of rope. Ignoring that should not cause major issue.

Obligatory screenshot -


Please test these packages and let me know if there are issues so that I can fix and submit an update. I am hoping to submit this as an update as soon as ipython is done.

[1] https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1400383



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